Carex flagellifera

Glen Murray tussock, Trip Me Up

Carex flagellifera is densely tufted very hardy sedge growing up to 50 cm high. It is found growing in a range of conditions throughout New Zealand (coastal to montane).

There are several color forms which range from shiny green to bronze with brownish shades. The channeled leaves are 1.5-2.5mm wide and are sharply scabrid along their margins. The flowering stems are35-75 cm when first produced, but as the seeds mature they elongate to 2 m orso and lie along the ground. Flowering occurs during September – November and fruiting is throughout the year. Usually infree draining soils under scrub or open forest. Naturally found in large groups and work well as a ground cover plantedclosely together. An attractive sedge whose usually long trailing fruitingculms look spectacular if plants are grown along the top of a wall.

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