Carex lessoniana/ geminata

Rautahi, Spreading swamp sedge

Carex lessoniana/ geminata is a robust wetland sedge found throughout New Zealand but only sporadically in the far south. It grows usually on the margins of peat swamps, or in very wet alluvial forestsfrom coastal to lowland. Carex lessoniana which has wide-creeping rhizomes formsgreen tussocks >1m in height and a spread >2m. The bi-fold leaves havescabrid (rough) margins.
Flowering occurs during October to December and the fruits appear during December to April on long hanging green spikes that turn brown. The seeds whenripe are dispersed by seed predation and by water. Ecologically C. lessoniana and C. geminata oftenoverlap, C. lessoniana is more common in wetter and/or more acidic habitats –such as peat bogs.

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